Thursday, 1 January 2009

Alex's Beret

January 2009 - I finished the last piece of Alex's 30th Birthday pressie :D

Excuse how it looks on me, I don't suit hats, but I figured I was better off modelling it on me than on Daniel.





Alex's scarf

January 2009 - I made Alex a scarf to go with the hat I made her.


You'll have to excuse my miserable face, I was soooo tired!

If I'd had someone to model them on I would've

I think the hat needs to be worn like this, it doesn't stay put otherwise


Alex's hat

For my friend Alex's Birthday I made her a hat

My work mate, Sam, kindly modelled it for me because hats sooooo do not suit me

From the front
Hat for Alex front

from the side
Hat for Alex side

I had originally taken some with me wearing it, but I cropped them RIGHT down due to me not suiting it. I'll show you them anyway because they show the colours and stitching better




Hat fail!

In January 2009 I started making a hat with the intention of it being for my friends daugher, Mae. She'll be about 18 months at Christmas so I thought it would be a nice Christmas present for her.

I tend to crochet quite tight so I decided to use a bigger hook than I've been using...BIG mistake! The hat fits me!


Sadly, I did think about doing my make-up before taking these shot, I've been housebound for the past 2 days, why would I need make-up?