Friday, 9 July 2010


December 2008 - I promised to make my friend Hannah some longies for her new baby, I got her a top to go with them too.


Monkey Business

This is part of the same swap as the boys hat was...September 2008

Sat down

stood up

and the back (the tail curls round to the left, I couldn't get a good pic of this)

Robert's Birthday card

September 2008 - A card I made for my Step-dad's Birthday


Fat bottom bag

Can you believe this is the first thing I made for myself? I made it in September 2008


it still needs lining but otherwise it's finished. I just need to find some pretty fabric to line it with.

It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it's still cute

Leaving card

September 2008 I made a leaving card for Lynsay at work

Craft swap

Another US friend of mine, Renee and I did a craft swap in September 2008 and I had to make something for her son, Logan...I had a hard time finding something for a little boy. There are plenty of things for baby boys but nothing nice for toddler boys.

Anyway I found this pattern and thought I'd try it out

For some reason I put the hat on Rheya inside-out in this and the next pic (Doh!)


it's the right way round on this one, but doesn't look any different which is why I kept the above pictures

Rheya's hat

In September 2008 I made this for Rheya



Any Ghibli fans out there?

I'm soooo proud of this one...



How cool is he??? :D

Mum's Birthday card

I made my Mum a Birthday card for her Birthday in September 2008


Thank you cards

August 2008 again.

Some cards I made for my US friends to say thank you for their generosity.

I decided to give them a stitch marker each so tried to incorporate them into the cards

this is Katie's

and this is Deneese's

To be honest I couldn't work out how to incorporate Deneese's stitch marker so it's sort of a book mark thingy

Waterbottle holder

August 2008 - Another waterbottle holder.



Another beanie hat

I can never decide which photo's look better which is why you tend to get inundated with photo's from me...for instance, I made this beanie in August 2008 (same pattern as the one I made for Adeline) for my friend Deneese's daughter (Charlotte)... I took one picture with the flash on and one without...I dislike both photo's for different reasons so you're getting them both :oP

With flash

without flash

I tried the hat on Rheya again...I need to make sure I made them right after all



I really need to make Rheya one, I think they really suit her.

I've had permission to steal this because it's just too cute to not!

Charlotte says thank you from Deneese Owen on Vimeo.


Is she not the cutest!?!

Texere Yarns

I heard about local yarn shop called Texere Yarns, so one morning in August 2008 my friend Helen came over with her baby girl, Zoe. Then we drove over to Bradford to spend some money in the HUGE wool shop...well it was more like a warehouse...for anyone who likes yarn, this place was so drool worthy.

It was on three floors, the first floor had 3 different rooms full of yarn, including WOOL! Actual wool, BFL, Merino, Angora, the lot! It was handdyed, factory dyed, natural waiting to be dyed and they even had roving for you spinners. Seriously, this place was amazing!

This is a picture of one of the 4 aisles on the second floor.

and Rheya had so much fun running up and down the aisles

I was too spoilt for choice and as a result couldn't decide what to buy so I only bought these

the hook at the top is a Tunisian crochet hook, I have no idea how to use it but I was so curious that I just bought it...I'll learn later.

White cardigan

In August 2008 I really wanted a pretty white cardigan for my daughter Rheya, so she could wear all the summery outfits I'd been given over the months, regardless of the weather. Anyway I couldn't find a plain white cardigan anywhere...isn't that always the way? As soon as you want something it's nowhere to be seen so I set about making her one myself.



I had to take the pictures without the flash on, so the colour of the cardigan isn't true, but you couldn't see the detail as well with the flash on, see...


I've already tried it on Rheya and it's a little snug around the waist *grrrrrr* but she's gonna wear it anyway!

Rheya wearing her cardigan...I'm not entirely happy with how it fits her, but it'll do

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Juliette action shots

It fits her perfectly :D
Juliette action shots

Juliette action shots

Juliette action shots

I don't think I've met a happier child than Anara...she just seems to be forever smiling and it!
Juliette action shots

Friday, 18 June 2010

Juliette skirty

This has taken me soooooo long to make so I am extra proud of it. :D

I've literally just finished this tonight for my daughter, Anara.

This first picture is just to show it's true colours
Juliette Skirty

Juliette Skirty

Juliette Skirty

Juliette Skirty

Action shots will be added later ;)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sun top

I've never been much of a sewer, in fact I was terrible at it as a child, but I was willing to give it another go in August 2008.

I made this for my daughter Rheya




In August 2008 I made this hat for a friends daughter.




I made this in August 2008. Sorry it's not very interesting :\


Bottle holder

I made this in August 2008. It was intended to be for my daughter Rheya, but it ended up being someone elses.




I meant to make another one for Rheya, but never got around to it. Bad Mummy!