Friday, 9 July 2010

Another beanie hat

I can never decide which photo's look better which is why you tend to get inundated with photo's from me...for instance, I made this beanie in August 2008 (same pattern as the one I made for Adeline) for my friend Deneese's daughter (Charlotte)... I took one picture with the flash on and one without...I dislike both photo's for different reasons so you're getting them both :oP

With flash

without flash

I tried the hat on Rheya again...I need to make sure I made them right after all



I really need to make Rheya one, I think they really suit her.

I've had permission to steal this because it's just too cute to not!

Charlotte says thank you from Deneese Owen on Vimeo.


Is she not the cutest!?!

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