Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WIP Wednesday: Gloves

This weeks WIP is knitting out of necessity. My fingerless gloves just aren't cutting it at the moment and my digits are getting frost bite. I neeeeed fingered gloves. I guess I could just go out and buy a cheap pair of badly made gloves to see me through the rest of winter, but where's the fun in that?

I've made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy any more yarn or fabric this year, until I've used up a good portion of my existing stash, so I had a rummage and found some Patons, Fairytale 4ply. Not my usual choice in colour (it's a lot bluer in real life), I bought it to make something for someone else but never got around to it. It is perfect for gloves though so gloves it will be.

The pattern I'm using is Kathleen Taylor's Heavy Fingering Weight Gloves. I've modified it slightly to fit my small hands. I cast on 48 as stated, but for the main part of the hand I only ended up with 40 and therefore 10 stitches per finger. 



I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly they are knitting up, or maybe I'm just desperate to get them finished and my fingers toasty warm?

I gave up on (shop bought) gloves a long time ago. My pinkie must be unusually short judging by the length of the pinkie on all the gloves I've bought in the past. Being able to customise my finger lengths is fantastic! For the first time in my entire life I'm going to have a pair of perfectly fitting, fingered gloves. \o/

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Friday, 27 January 2012

FO Friday: I have a pair of socks!!!

I totally finished my socks! I would write something more eloquent but....wooooo!!! I finished my socks!!! I actually finished something that is not only knitted on DPN's but there are 2 of the same thing. That is amazing for me. because I hate DPN's and I hate making anything twice. 

Wanna see? 





As I'm sure you can tell, I am VERY happy with them. I might have a go at toe-up next!

These were made as part of the Visions of Sugar Plums knit-a-long.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Kung Hei Fat Choy!


This is super easy and can keep children busy for a hours. 

Take an A4 piece of paper and let your little one decorate it...they could draw, colour, paint, stick, whatever they like (obviously if they do anything that requires it to dry, then you'll have to let it dry once the paper is decorated. 


Then fold the paper in half (long side to long side) and cut from the fold to about an inch away from the edge, do that across the paper, leaving about an inch between each cut. 

If you have a 5yr+ child then they will probably be able to do all this themselves, if not they might need help with the folding and cutting

Open up the paper and roll it (so both short sides are together) and stick in place

I've been lazy and used cellotape, but you can use glue

You should have something that looks like this

I like to give it more shape so I push it down gently


Take another piece of paper and cut a strip off the short end


Attach the strip to the inside of your lantern creating a handle

and Voilá you have a Chinese New Year lantern

WIP Wednesday: Still with the socks

I've spent very little time knitting this past week so I'm afraid I'm still working on my socks. They're not too far off finished now though. 


I'm feeling in the Chinese New Year spirit this week so the other night I started making this Chinese Doll. I didn't get very far because I had the wrong weight yarn for the face and body. There's no point me showing you a picture because there's not really much to look at. 

I did however embark upon some craftiness with my girls. We made some Chinese Lanterns, but I will do a separate mini tutorial post for those. 

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Friday, 20 January 2012

And the winner is......

I'm afraid I didn't get my socks finished, I've been so busy this week, but as promised I have drawn a name out of a hat to win the Knit Pro Symfonie DPN's


Drum roll..........

The winner is......


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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WIP Wednesday: Sock part 2

I'm still plodding along with my socks. I haven't worked on them as much as I would've liked this week, but they're not far off done now. I'm halfway through the heel so I'm hoping to have the pair done by Friday :D

I also want to show off these gorgeous sock blockers I got from Whorld Drop Spindle. By the way, AWESOME customer service, I highly recommend them. 



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Friday, 13 January 2012

FO Friday: A lonely sock and a freebie!

A bit of a cheat FO this week, but I really wanted to show off my very first sock! 

I'm taking part in Visions of sugar plums sock knit-along and I'm kind of ahead despite being behind last week.


I love the heel on this pattern, it's lovely and thick and was so simple to do.

The second sock is already on my needles and I am child free today so will be able to work on them during the day..yay! 

I recently bought some KnitPro Symfonie DPN's but they're just not for me, so I think I'm going to offer them up to one of my followers. If you're not already a follower, you have a week to become one, then leave me a comment so I know you want to be included. I'll be drawing a name on Friday, 20th January at 10am, I'll announce the winner in my FO Friday post.  

The DPN's are 10cm long and size 2.75mm. They would be perfect for anyone that makes dolls or gloves. 


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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WIP Wednesday: Sock progress

I'm still plugging away with my socks. I'm hoping to do some more tonight. Somebody should have warned me that socks take forever to knit. I'm still really looking forward to wearing my very first pair of socks. 



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Monday, 9 January 2012

Sock sock sock!

I can't believe it! I'm making socks!!! I actually got past the heel and I'm super excited about finishing this first one :D


Friday, 6 January 2012

Fibers on Friday & Fiber Arts Friday

I'm a little behind with my sock knit-along. I had a disaster with my previous attempt and had to frog the whole sock. It had taken me about 8 attempts to get that sock going so I decided that I need to start with a much simpler sock pattern and chose the 'Simple Socks Recipe' pattern. 


So far so good, and because it's a simple stockinette pattern, I should be able to get to the heel without incident *touch wood*

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WIP Wednesday: Socks!

Happy 2012!!! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready and raring to go with 2012.

My first project for 2012  is part of a sock knit-along. I've tried making socks before, but I wasn't keen on the yarn I was using, so they never got past the first heel. This time I'm using merino wool. Nimu Mickleden to be exact

I've chosed a toe-up pattern from Sock Yarn: One Skein Wonders the pattern is Vidia Socks

WIP Wednesday

I'll try get a better picture of the colours in natural light, this one was taken last night. 

I had quite a bit of trouble getting started with these, but I was determined to try toe-up and so we got going eventually. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of DPN's, I'd rather be doing these magic loop style, but I couldn't find any 2.75mm needles for my Knit Pros. Am I right in thinking they only start at 3mm? If so what brand of circular do people recommend that comes in a 2.75mm?

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