Sunday, 27 November 2011

Harrogate Knitting and Stitch Show

Every year Twisted Thread holds several Knitting and Stitch Shows across the UK and every year my friends and I toddle off to Harrogate to find lots of wonderful things to fill our already cluttered houses.

Today I was graced with the presence of Steph, Mel and Emily
Knitting and Stitch ShowKnitting and Stitch ShowKnitting and Stitch Show

Charming lady
Knitting and Stitch Show

Knitting and Stitch Show

We also bumped into friends Hazel and Nazila
Knitting and Stitch Show

we shopped, stopped for lunch...
Knitting and Stitch ShowKnitting and Stitch Show

...then shopped some more.

Towards the end of the event, we ventured downstairs where there were groups of people teaching various crafts.

Emily and Steph learned to crochet...
Knitting and Stitch ShowKnitting and Stitch Show

...Mel learned to knit
Knitting and Stitch Show

Mel did have a go at crochet, but somehow it turned into unintentional tunisian crochet :\
Knitting and Stitch Show

Emily's crochet ended up rather phallic shaped O_o Much to the dismay of the elderly lady teaching her...haha
Knitting and Stitch ShowKnitting and Stitch Show

We had a fabulous time, I highly recommend the show for anyone interested in crafting, it's a brilliant day out.

and my loot?
Knitting and Stitch Show

My rainbow obsession continues
Knitting and Stitch ShowKnitting and Stitch Show

I couldn't resist these striking spots
Knitting and Stitch Show

I've been inspired by Sarah from 'Crafts from the Cwtch' with her beautiful arm warmers so I bought this utterly gorgeous, grey, silk yarn from Twist yarns, the other is from Nimu and will become socks.
Knitting and Stitch Show

and to knit my arm warmers I bought some beautiful knit pro DPN's...yum!
Knitting and Stitch Show

The downside? 

These are all being sent off to Santa and I can only have them back if I'm a good girl between now and Christmas. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WIP Wednesday: Cable knit bag

I've been a busy busy bunny over the past couple of weeks. I've been away so I was MIA from last weeks WIP Wednesday and FO Friday, but if you'd like to see what I've been up to, just keep scrolling down my blog :) 

Today I have a very special project to show you...I'm making a bag WITHOUT A PATTERN. Yes this will be my very first pattern. I will of course share this when I've finished for anyone that might be interested. 


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Monday, 21 November 2011

Deck the halls......

I'm feeling very festive at the moment, so I threw this together the other night. I should've been doing other things, but I couldn't resist.

Christmas Stocking

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sewing and sewing and sewing some more

I've been on a sewing drive recently. 

For me, November is a busy month for Birthday's, this weekend alone consisted of 4!

First up is an outfit I made for my friends daughter. 
A pleated skirt
Pleated skirt

and a matching appliqu├ęd top

I have since blanket stitched around the anchor, but failed to get a picture of that.

My daughter took a shine to the skirt (and I loved the pattern) so I promised to make her one too. Apologies for the bad lighting, it was the night before we set off on holiday, so it was a bit of a rushed job
Pleated Skirt

and snapped during the morning rush to leave the house
Pleated skirt

and when we arrived on our holiday


next up is a superhero set I made for a friends' son, I also have a request for one of these from my eldest and my friends' younger daughter.
Cape and mask

Cape and mask

and the handsome chap modelling his new mask and cape
Superhero kit

and finally...I made my dear old Nanna, a project bag for Christmas. It's reversible, so if she prefers the spots she can turn it to the spots
Project bag

I hope she likes it
Project bag

Friday, 11 November 2011

FO Friday: Irish Hiking Scarf and rainbow crayons

I finally finished my Irish hiking scarf and I love it! It's so soft and squishy and most important....WARM! This scarf was started about 3 years ago, but I kept getting distracted by other projects. I'm so happy that I finally finished it. 



Now I just need a new coat that matches it :P

My friend and I had a crack at making rainbow crayons for a joint Birthday party our girls are having in December. They didn't go quite to plan, but we figured they'd still be better than the cheap, boring crayons you usually get in a party bag. 

see this tray?


we melted it...oops

Later in the day, I decided to have a go at doing just one colour per mould and making a rainbow out of the individual crayons...they look ok don't they? :) 


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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WIP Wednesday: First socks & Ripple blanket

I finally got off my bottom and picked up some of the projects that are laying around unfinished. One is now complete (you'll have to wait until Friday for that one) and I have 2 on the go. 

First up is a pair of socks I started about a year ago. I bought a kit from the knitting and stitch show last November...what can I say, I sometimes get distracted. 

I'm also still chugging along with my ripple blanket. I can't work on it for too long because I've started getting a pain in my left pinky after a while...R.S.I? I hope not, I love crocheting. 

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Friday, 4 November 2011

FO Friday: Totoro hat

Happy Friday!!! I finished my daughter's Totoro hat and I love it!


Totoro hat

It's going out for it's debute today and my daughter can't wait to show her friends/teachers at school.

I'm now working on finishing my Irish hiking scarf. It's been in the making for such a long time and it's about time I pulled my finger out and finished it.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

We're getting closer!

We have ears!

I abandoned knitting the ears and crocheted them instead. I'm a much stronger crocheter than I am a knitter.


I just love her expression in this picture

Now it just needs a face. I'm hoping to get that done before FO Friday :D