Saturday, 19 June 2010

Juliette action shots

It fits her perfectly :D
Juliette action shots

Juliette action shots

Juliette action shots

I don't think I've met a happier child than Anara...she just seems to be forever smiling and it!
Juliette action shots

Friday, 18 June 2010

Juliette skirty

This has taken me soooooo long to make so I am extra proud of it. :D

I've literally just finished this tonight for my daughter, Anara.

This first picture is just to show it's true colours
Juliette Skirty

Juliette Skirty

Juliette Skirty

Juliette Skirty

Action shots will be added later ;)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sun top

I've never been much of a sewer, in fact I was terrible at it as a child, but I was willing to give it another go in August 2008.

I made this for my daughter Rheya




In August 2008 I made this hat for a friends daughter.




I made this in August 2008. Sorry it's not very interesting :\


Bottle holder

I made this in August 2008. It was intended to be for my daughter Rheya, but it ended up being someone elses.




I meant to make another one for Rheya, but never got around to it. Bad Mummy!

More longies

I told you you'd see more longies :P

July 2008 I made these longies for Rheya


Newborn longies

I found out I was pregnant with a second child and made these in celebration. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in miscarriage and the longies went missing. They are somewhere in my house and I'm sure they'll turn up, but they are definately too small for my not-so-little miss now.



Group hug

A really lovely lady I know through a forum got some bad news so a bunch of us clubbed together and made her a blanket.

This was my contribution. I'll see if I can find a picture of the whole thing together, watch this space.

Blanket square

Bag swap

Oh yeah I got the swap bug.

I made this for my recipient in April 2008. I liked it so much that I thought about keeping it..ha!


and for the first time ever, I lined it. With a skirt I picked up from a charity shop for 50p...bargain!



The first craft swap I took part in was in March 2008 for a washcloth. I made a couple of washcloths, but finally settled on sending the bright orange one.

The colours are just amazing


The other I gave to my Nanna (I think)


I wanted to make my daughter, Rheya, am Easter basket filled with lots of goodies, rather than one meaningless chocolate egg.

So when I saw this in the window of a flourist I was grabbed it quickly.

It would contain some eggs but they wouldn't be chocolate.




My Nanna used to make these chicks for us when we were kids. I just had to make some for my daughter.

the finished basket. If you look in the middle I also crocheted a chick.
Easter Basket


My beautiful cousin Sonya announced that she was uprooting and starting a new life in Australia in January 2008. I couldn't have been happier for her. What a great opportunity.

I wanted to make her a very special card and this is what I came up with. I was still new to cardmaking at this point remember ;)

I didn't get a proper picture of it because I finished it just in time to sign it and put it in it's envelope, so this is taken in the restaurant, after I'd given it to her


First soaker

With a little help I finally bought myself some suitable wool to make a nappy cover, so thought I'd have a go at a soaker

This is as far as I got because it didn't fit my daughter

I later pulled it out and it's still, to this day, sat in my yarn stash waiting to be made into something.

Slippery slope into yarnville

I'm an avid cloth nappy user and as any cloth addict will tell you, wool makes an excellent cover for fitted nappies (nappies without a waterproof layer).

A quick lesson in wool

Longies = trousers made from wool, can be either knitted or crocheted
Shorties = as the name suggests, these are shorts made from wool
Soaker = A pair of pants made of wool, they literally cover the nappy
Skirty = can you guess? Yes a skirt made with wool. This can be with a soaker underneath or without

You can also get variations of these, crops, boardies, longies with a skirt over the top, sleep bags and even longies with tails and dinosaur scales.

Why am I tell you all this you ask?

Well I decided to have a go at making Rheya a pair back in October 2007. I've been hooked ever since and you'll see many more nappy covers made of wool.

I did make a faux par with this first pair and bought acrylic yarn, but as it was cheap it was a good practice.


I also made the rise far too big, but you live and learn right?


and the action shots


Happy Birthday to Cath

Whilst browsing through Ebay I came across a stamp that just screamed out "IN-LAW'S!!!"

They're a very musical bunch so when I saw a Happy Birthday stamp set on a music sheet background with a treble clef to one side I just had to get it for them.

Cath, my Nana-in-law's Birthday was coming up (August 2007) so I made this card for her.

my daughter Rheya contributed as you can see

Thank you card

My sister got married in July 2007...Hurrah!

We got stuck for a babysitter for the night do and our friends Mother kindly offered to watch Rheya for us since she was watching her Grandson anyway.

To say thank you for her kind offer I made her this card. A light improvement on the other cards don't you think?
Thank you card

My first attempt at card making

In June 2007 I bought this card making kit on a whim

and so began my venture into card making.

These are the first cards I ever made. I do get better with time I promise.

This was made for my husband for Father's Day from our daughter Rheya.
Father's Day Card

this one was for one of my 2 step-dads (well one is an ex-step dad)

and this one was for the other step-dad
Father's Day Card

I apologise for things not being in any particular order at the moment. I have a lot to show you so it's probably going to take a while to go back through my pictures.