Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Slippery slope into yarnville

I'm an avid cloth nappy user and as any cloth addict will tell you, wool makes an excellent cover for fitted nappies (nappies without a waterproof layer).

A quick lesson in wool

Longies = trousers made from wool, can be either knitted or crocheted
Shorties = as the name suggests, these are shorts made from wool
Soaker = A pair of pants made of wool, they literally cover the nappy
Skirty = can you guess? Yes a skirt made with wool. This can be with a soaker underneath or without

You can also get variations of these, crops, boardies, longies with a skirt over the top, sleep bags and even longies with tails and dinosaur scales.

Why am I tell you all this you ask?

Well I decided to have a go at making Rheya a pair back in October 2007. I've been hooked ever since and you'll see many more nappy covers made of wool.

I did make a faux par with this first pair and bought acrylic yarn, but as it was cheap it was a good practice.


I also made the rise far too big, but you live and learn right?


and the action shots


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