Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sarah's Birthday

Last night our friends, Sarah and Dave, came round for a meal and Birthday treats.

For her Birthday I made her a set of jewellery.

Made her cupcakes instead of a cake, because I suck at cakes.

I bought her a cute cupcake box so she could take her Birthday cakes home with her

I also bought some individual cupcake bags (pink ones) to put some more in for her babysitters (also know as Mum and Dad to Sarah)

After dinner I gave Sarah her present.

T'was a good night :)

Gina's Birthday jewellery set

From April 2009

I made Gina a set of jewellery to give as a gift from Rheya

Easter cupcakes

From April 2009

Some Easter buns I made with my daughter Rheya.

Morrie's crops

From April 2009

I made these for a friend's little boy (Morrie), they're made from BLL yarn

Morrie's crops

They weren't 100% finished when I took the picture. I couldn't find my sewing needle.

and, with Evelyn's permission, I stole a couple of pics of Morrie modelling them :)

Card making fun

From April 2009

Today, Rheya and I had a crafty day.

I made some cards for a couple of friends' kids and Rheya did some painting, followed by cutting shapes out of playdough.

This card is for Zoe (my friend Helen's little girl) who will be 1 on 13th April.
Handmade card

and this card is for Erin (Hazel's little girl) who will be 2 soon (Rheya's going to her Birthday party on Saturday)
Handmade card