Sunday, 1 March 2009

Embarking on Jewellery making

From March 2009

I'm so pleased with my first attempt at jewellery making, and they were so quick to make. I can see lots of people getting jewellery for Christmas :oP

Handmade Jewellery

and happy ole me, wearing them
Handmade Jewellery

and the bracelet
Handmade Jewellery

and the earrings
Handmade Jewellery

after working so so hard on the jewellery :oP I made myself some lunch

I threw a few of my favourite, but healthy things into a wok (ok it's a frying pan) and tossed them about with some spices (recipe to follow)

2 packets of smart price noodles (1 if you're not greedy like me)
some mushrooms (as many as you like, chopped)
Grated Carrot (again, just add as much as you like)
Fry Light (instead of oil)
Soy Sauce (to taste)
Hot Chilli Powder
and I added some S & B on top (see pictures) if you can't get hold of it, then dried chilli flakes will do.

Add the mushroom and grated carrot to the frying pan (using the fry light as oil) fry until half cooked, add some soy sauce and hot chilli powder (and dried chilli flakes if your taste buds are dead like mine) fry until soft....whilst doing all that have the noodles boiling with just one of the flavour sachets (2 syns). When the noodles are cooked, drain them (which will actually lower the amount of syns you're eating but I don't know by how much so keep it at 2 syns) and add to the mushroom etc. Add more soy sauce (again to taste) and hot chilli powder if you want, then serve. I sprinkled some S & B on top for an extra kick.

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