Friday, 11 March 2011

More Easter makes

I'm in a really crafty mood atm. 

Last night I remelted the egg I ruined and did the mould again, but this time I popped it in the freezer overnight. This morning I glued the 2 pieces together. It wasn't bad, but not perfect, I'll have to try again, another day. I guess I don't HAVE to glue them together at all and just wrap them in foil, but that cuts out the fun of smashing them open.

Here's how it came out 
the pack my Nanna gave me even came with foil! How cool! 

After lunch I smashed it open for the girls 

They're not actual mini eggs, they are mini-mini eggs. 

Later,  I made this for Anara. 


Again it needs feathers for the tail. 

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