Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WIP Wednesday: Getting there

Late to the party, but hey, at least I made it this week. 

I'm going full steam ahead on the Totoro I'm making for one of my daughters teachers. I realised yesterday that they break up next week so I had a bit of a panic crochet session. 


I'm still stealing the odd minute or two here and there to do some of my Hitchhiker scarf. I love how easy the pattern is. 

Sorry for the short post, the man of the house has coerced me into doing the Power 90 programme with him...this could very well be my last 

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  1. Love both of your WIPs. Good luck on the workout! A few months back I watched a infomercial for Brazilian Butt Lift. Yep, I bought it, cuz I need my booty to look like the ones in the commercial. I have worked out twice...hanging my head in shame. My booty looks the same :(

    1. Oh my word, it nearly killed me! The first day is all about the arms and I have the weakest arms in history! I hope tomorrow is easier.

  2. Your Hitchhiker is really pretty! And Totoro is pretty cool too :)

  3. Great progress on your Hitchhiker, nice to see the colours in full!