Friday, 10 August 2012

FO Friday: Dolman Top Duex

Happy Friday! 

I made it through another week of the school holidays, that in itself is worth celebrating right?

This week I've mainly been working on my second Hitchhiker, but I did manage to make my youngest daughter her Dolman top over the weekend. She loved it so much that she insisted on wearing it to two parties.

I found this one much easier than the first 2 I made. Maybe the alcohol helped. I always seem to sew better when I'm drinking


And one top for the small. All is now right with the world #sewing #knitfabric #dolman

She likes her top #sewing #dolman

and both tops together
Side by side

So what have you been working on this week? 

If you'd like to see more finished items, check out Tami's Amis


  1. Those tops are utterly adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  2. Love these tops! Your daughters are beautiful little models :)

  3. I have been on a knitted hat frenzy this week. And I love that second top, you choose the cutest fabrics!

  4. Cute tops ! Your little girls are adorable !

  5. Both tops are lovely, the bright patterns are great, I am not suprised they are favourites