Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WIP Wednesday: Multnomah and Owls

I must admit. I'm no writer and I always struggle with what to say on a WIP Wednesday post. I guess that's why I love instagram so much. I get to show off my work without having to write a load of text alongside it. I'm a great believer in pictures being worth a thousand words. So I'll leave you with pictures of my works in progress.



Pattern: Multnomah
Yarns: Both are unknown unfortunately. The natural yarn was in a bargain bucket at Texere Yarns, but I'm pretty sure it's some kind of wool, the rainbow yarn was a gift from a friend in the U.S, again it feels like wool.


Pattern: Owl Jumper
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky

I've been admiring this pattern for some time now and I'm very excited about finally giving it a go. 

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  1. Your Multnomah is beautiful!

  2. The rainbow shawl is amazing!

  3. It's too bad the yarn in your Multnomah is a mystery. It's really pretty!

  4. Ooooh cashmerino ... I love that. And the honey colour is lovely.

  5. The shawl will be striking. What pretty yarn.