Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WIP Wednesday: Dolly

I've had a bit of a knitters block this week. The bag I was making ran out of wool so I had to frog it (hand dyed wool, so it's not like I could just order some more) I've decided to use that delicious wool for my next project. 

My next project is a doll pattern that cost me my Mum a fortune! It's a pattern I saw at the knitting and stitch show a few years back. I loved it but didn't buy it because I felt it was a little overpriced. When I got home I regretted not buying it and scoured the net trying to find it. I did find the company (who are based in Australia from what I remember) and they didn't respond to my email, so I decided to wait until the next knitting and stitch show. 

To cut an already long story short, I couldn't find it at the show the subsequent years, but thankfully stocked it one year and it happened to be near my Birthday so my Mum bought me it as a gift. 

Only now have I decided to give it a try. 

The pattern is Hand made dolls and accessories by ak traditions. Aren't they just gorgeous! I can't wait to finish eldest has already claimed it and yesterday demanded that I get knitting (I don't knit when my children are awake)


I've finished the front, I'm now working on the back. The pattern is really easy and would be great for a beginner that wanted to make something that looks amazing at the end. 

That's it on the WIP front. If you'd like to see more WIP's head on over to Tami's Amis


  1. Glad you managed to find the pattern, it looks awesome ;)

  2. What a fun looking pattern! Worth the wait!

  3. WOW that is a gorgeous pattern.

  4. What a lovely looking pattern, your daughter will be the envy of all her friends with such a cute doll! x

  5. It's a gorgeous pattern and if it's really 30 pages long, it sounds like there are lots of different options included! How sweet of your Mom to get it for you!

  6. WOW they are so cute - I can't wait to see yours finished!!!

  7. They do indeed look gorgeous - will look forward to seeing more of it! :)

  8. I love the look of the AK Traditions dolls. I look forward to seeing it finished.