Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday: Doll bloomin' doll & a secret

Happy Wednesday! 

For those of us that are Mother's or Mother's-to-be, I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. Being a Mum is by far my most favourite "hobby". I know hobby is a strange word to use, but to me a hobby is something you choose to do because you enjoy doing it. I chose to be a mother (twice) and I love yes, it's kind of my hobby, one I take very seriously 
(when I'm not goofing around with my girls :P). 

Some snippets from my Mother's Day


photo.JPG photo.JPG


and of course my amazing girls, that make Motherhood so worth while.

Ok enough of the soppy stuff. Onto the bane of my life


She currently looks like this and can you believe I've lost the back of her head? 


So just as I thought she was nearly ready to stuff and sew up. I find I have to knit the head again...AND, I have to sew (out of fabric) a whole doll to stuff and insert into the knitted doll! Let this be a lesson to you all, to read the pattern fully before starting a project, if for no other reason than to have a realistic expectation of how long it will take you. 

 I WILL finish this doll (if my eldest daughter has anything to do with it)

I'm going to try get it done for FO this space. 

In the meantime, to keep myself sane, I've cast on something special for a friend. Sorry I can't say more than that at this point. 


The yarn is Sublime extra fine merino wool (4 ply) and it is divine! So so soft and squishy. 

Before I wrap this post up. I thought you might like to see a couple of other crafty bits I got for my Birthday. This first lot is what I bought with the Birthday money I got from my Mum.

The yummy Sublime from above and 3 Symfonie circular needles so I can finally have a go at making socks on circulars instead of DPN's


I gave in on the Spectra. I wasn't enjoying knitting it, so the lovely rainbow yarn that I won from A Stash Addict, will become socks or gloves (haven't decided which yet)

I also frogged the scarf I was making with the Knit Picks Chroma, twice! I somehow kept getting something wrong and with so many SSK's and YO's in there I was finding it hard to go back and correct, so I gave in. 

I got this luscious Malabrigo sock yarn from a friend for my Birthday. She doesn't knit or crochet so I'm really impressed with her choice. It's to die for! I can't wait to knit with it. I've been thoroughly spoilt for my Birthday. 


Ok I'm sure after that long post you are ready to go see someone elses WIP's over at Tami's Amis. Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Oooh, look at that gorgeous sock yarn - lucky you!

    I love your description of motherhood as a hobby, that's a really nice way to think of it :)

    1. You should feel the yarn, it's lovely and silky. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's a bit darker and brownier (that's a word right) in real life

  3. Happy Mother's Day! The flowers are so cheerful!

    And I am so with you on the doll. I have yet to finish mine too, so a little glad you haven't finished yours yet either :) There is no way I would have done a doll I had to do all that seaming. Most of my body parts were knit in the round, so not too much seaming. I can't wait to see your finished doll :)

    1. How much have you got to go on your doll? I just can't be bothered to get my sewing machine out to make the inner bit now *I'm so lazy*

      My daughter can't wait to see the finished doll

  4. Belated happy birthday! You got lots of lovely things for your birthday - nice friends who pick out Malabrigo! Really, you have to sew an inner doll ?!?! I'd be chucking it across the room at that! Still it IS going to be SO cute!

    1. Thanks...and yes, I do want to chuck it across the room, but my daughter REALLY wants the doll *sigh*

  5. You had me very scared for a second. Mother's Day, where I live, is in May. :-D I thought I might be in trouble for forgetting! All the yarns you're currently working with look AMAZING! Especially, that sublime!

  6. I can't believe you need to put a doll in the doll - that's crazy! What is it filled with? Beans? That would put me off no end. Things you do for kids, eh!?!

    As for motherhood as a hobby -erm, not for me. It's more like a full time very stressful job, thankfully one that's (mostly) enjoyable, but hard work none-the-less :D

    That sublime is a lovely colour. I made some things with that yarn before (different colour) and they came out great.