Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIP Wednesday: Little Sister Dress, Hitchhiker and a sew-along

Happy Wednesday!

My crafting has taken a back burner for a couple of weeks whilst other things have been going on

We visited The Deep
Pic Collage

Humber Bridge Park with friends
Pic Collage

Plumpton Rocks
Pic Collage

Where I snapped some amazing Dragonflies

I made a Jubilee cake

and managed to miss all the celebrations :( These pictures were taken in Ikea..haha)
Pic Collage

My WIPS this week are a Little Sister dress for a friends little girl. There isn't enough of this yarn to make the whole thing unfortunately, and since the yarn is only available in the US my choices are to try to find something that matches (probably unlikely), find something that contrasts nicely, maybe a different shade of green or brown, or try find a supplier in the US that is willing to post more here. Either way it should look fab.


and the other day I cast on Hitchhiker (I have an allergy to working on one project at a time) unfortunately this is what I'm having to do at the moment since one of my needles has a split down it and it's catching on the yarn (which is from A Stash Addict)


New needles are on the way, I think I'm going to stick with the metal variety from now on.

If you'd like to view some more WIPS please head over to Tami's Amis

As well as the projects above, I will soon be taking part in Kitschy Coo's sew-along. Amanda (owner of Kitschy Coo) is offering a 15% of her fabrics and the pattern is on offer at £5 for the sew-along (increasing to £7 after the sew-along). If you like to sew and would be interested in joining go along to her website for full details of how to join in. 

I personally can't wait! I've been dying to have a go at sewing knit fabrics. 

Kitschy Coo


  1. Nice photos, and nice projects! I'm sure you will sort the yarn issue, and it will be lovely. Nice looking wingspan, pretty yarn! I like metal needles myself, I seem to break all my wooden ones. :)

  2. ooooh the yarn for that Wingspan is AMAZING!!! i LOVE it.

  3. You have put wingspan, instead of Hitchhiker lol xx

    1. Shhhhh and noone will notice. lol

      Can you tell I was browsing Ravelry whilst writing this post?

  4. I used the plymouth yarn last year for my tank top, I really liked it. I don't think we have that color at my lys or I'd try and get you some. Great progress on everything though!

  5. glad someone else takes close up shots of their implements too! (I recently took some pictures of defective pins!)

    Love the hitchhiker, great colourway!

  6. Love your Hitchhiker, the colors are amazing