Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Recycle/reuse: Trousers

I don't follow many blogs outside of livejournal (I must remedy that) but there is one that I not only read religiously, but I spent a good week reading her back posts too.

ReFashionista! What she can do with the most hideous of clothing is nothing short of amazing!

I keep promising myself that I will waste less and make adjustments or (if one day I'm feeling brave) do a total refashion of a garment.

Today I'm starting small and adjusting some trousers I've slimmed out of. I didn't get much wear out of them before slimming down and it seemed a shame to toss out a perfectly good pair of trousers.

Saving money by adjusting old clothes that are too big for me. Before...

I wanted to take them in at the back seam as to not disturb the front pockets and zip. But first I wanted to save the belt loop that was right on the back seam

Out came my trusty seam ripper

Next I needed to decide how much to take them in....

Have you ever tried to pin a pair of trousers in the back whilst wearing them? Don't! It's painful! I ended up estimating how much to take them in by the thumb test "yes, they need to go in by about 2 thumb lengths...very scientific you understand.

Then I pinned and sewed down the pin line

Then chop off any excess (I recommend you try them on before you chop, if they're too tight you can then unpick and sew again. Sew the belt loop back on and....

ta da! Trousers that fit! Simples
And after. I took them in from behind. I had to remove the belt loop but will sew it back on later

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