Tuesday, 23 April 2013

FO catch-up

I've been terrible at updating my blog recently so I thought I'd do a bit of a catch up on the crafty things I've completed.

I didn't do much crafting this Christmas gone. Mainly due to all the illness we've had. I did, however, manage to make a couple of things. I made this costume for Anara. She loves My Little Pony and her favourite character is Rainbow Dash


I saw this tutorial on pinterest and had to make it for her.

I made Anara a rainbow dash costume (my little pony)

It's just missing a cutie mark, which I ordered from the US and is somewhere in the house...it will look awesome when it's got it's cutie mark.

I also made Rheya a sparkly little sister dress. It's a little short on her. I was going to rip it back and make it a little longer, but I'm not really keen on the yarn so I might just leave it.

Rheya's little sister "dress" is now finished too

Sort of action shots (these were taken Christmas Day) It doesn't look too bad here, but it is too short for her.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

I made a cowl for the winter (it's been particularly snowy this winter). The pattern I used was the Aspen Neck Cowl

Cowl has been cast off #knitting

Or is it a snood? #knitting

I made 2 ear warmers. Both for friends.

I made this for a friend who specifically asked for it (trying on for size)

This one I made for a friends Birthday. I even got to try out my new label/ribbon
I love the headband I made for @cazfaw69 so much that I made my friend one for her birthday. Got to use my new ribbon too #handmade #knitting #headband #earwarmer
There may be more to show you but they will have to wait for another post. 

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