Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Journalling the old fashioned way

It was my Birthday recently and as a consequence I had a little money to spend on myself.

I procrastinated over handbags, sandals for the summer, jewellery and a number of other things that I don't need. In the end I settled upon finally getting myself set up to journal the old fashioned way; paper, pen, ACTUAL photos. To modernise my journal I also purchased some fun washi tape and post-it notes.

One of the things I struggled with, was a way to instantly print a photo to add to my journal. I do own a photo printer but the pictures come out too big (or be a faff to resize). Ideally I wanted something that would print a small sticker so I could just stick it straight into my journal. I did a bit of research and came across Printstagr.am, where you can print your Instagram photos as stickers...perfect! except I can't have them instantly and you have to order a few at a time (252 to be exact). I did order some (of course), I just couldn't resist, but it wasn't the long-term solution I was looking for. Then my husband remembered a gadget it heard about in the past called a Polaroid Pogo. Unfortunately Polaroid don't make these anymore so we searched for second-hand ones. It prints a small print direct from my camera, or PC and can be used as a sticker too. It is perfect for my needs. 

Polaroid PoGo


It arrived today and it's brilliant. Easy to use and the picture quality isn't bad. Unfortunately it isn't compatible with my iPhone, major fail on Apple's part in my opinion. For now I am printing directly from my camera, but in future (when I arm myself with a USB to USB cable, I will print from my PC)
Amazing! I can't wait to get the rest of my journaling pieces so I can get going with it #nofilter

Not bad at all

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