Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A new beginning: Weighday

I made the decision today to make my journal a little broader than craft alone. 

There are several aspects of my life that I would like to write about, so rather than having several blogs posted here, there and everywhere, I thought..why not just have one blog that covers everything? 

Therefore my first non-craft related post will be about something that I've battled with for my entire adult weight. I've dieted on and off since I was about 15yrs old, even though I didn't really have a big weight problem until I was around 21 years old (2 years after moving in with my husband, funnily enough). 

I have tried many many diets, but the only one that works for me is Slimming World...I have been successful in the past on Slimming World, once losing over 4 stone...then I had 2 children. 

I rejoined at the beginning of this year and I've been yo-yoing since. Today I am back on plan. My Birthday is out of the way (and I only gained 0.5lb over that 2 week period, so I was pretty pleased about that) and I'm going to attempt to go back to basics and have a green week. I've also bought myself a lovely diet plaque (see below) to spur me on. Watch this space to see how that works out for me. 

diet plaque

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