Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas placemat

I've been putting these off for ages. Maybe "putting them off" isn't the right wording, I've been insanely busy for the past 2 months, so haven't had time to do them. I'm determined to finish them for Christmas Day though,

I got one completely finished. I just have one that needs stitching around the applique and then three that need their backs sewing on, then the binding (which is a PITA by the way).

Well less of the moaning eh and onto the pictures :D

I've designed them to be reversible. So they can be used this way round...

Christmas Placemat

Christmas Placemat

or this way. I'll see on the day which I prefer.
Christmas Placemat

I can't honestly say that I'm looking forward to finishing the other 3, but I'm sure the effort will be worth it when my table looks pretty on Christmas Day.

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