Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wip Wednesday

Well Christmas is very nearly here and I've been working my behind off trying to get everything ready. I've done quite a bit of crafting, but none of it is with yarn. My cable knit bag is still sitting in my project bag untouched and will probably stay that way until the New Year (or at least until we're done with Christmas)

I do have a sewing WIP that I updated on a couple of days ago. My Christmas placemats. I'm hoping so hard that my binding comes tomorrow so I can finish the last one. 

My evenings are filled with present wrapping, so I can't see me getting much done before Christmas. I really wanted to make one of these baubles for my tree but I doubt I'll get time. 

For much better WIP posts, please go to Tami's Amis


  1. It's funny how Christmas seems to creep up on us, isn't it! I've only just finished my Christmas crafting (well, almost anyway!)

    Hope you have a relaxing one after all the rushing around :)

  2. Oh wow, your tree placemats are gorgeous!! I hope the binding arrives in time. I also hope you get to make one of the baubles, they look like so much fun!

  3. Just seen this post. Guess it hasn't arrived yet. :(

    Those baubles look fun. If all else fails u could but some from John Lewis and pretend u made them. ;)