Friday, 30 December 2011

A year in the making & FO Friday

I thought it would be fun to review all my makes for 2011. Today's finished items are at the bottom, in December for anyone who wants to skip past to see my FO's


1. A collaboration gift, for my a pregnant friend. I only made the longies, the top was made by my friend Steph. 
2. Hat for a friends little boy


2. A pair of longies for a friend who helped me out in a big way


A couple of Easter baskets I made for my children

I had a go at making my own Easter eggs. It didn't work out so I bought some

A kimono for my youngest daughter

In threes cardigan for my eldest daughter

Mum's Mother's Day presentRheya's summer dress
1. Lantern bag for my Mum (Mothers Day)
2. Pillow case dress for my eldest daughter


P1010719Doll basket
I made the dolls in 2010, but the baskets were made in April.
1. Was for my youngest
2. Was for my neice

1. Another Easter basket (I ended up with 3, 2 for my daughters and one for my niece)
2. I bought some handmade buttons from Smiggles and added them to the in threes cardigan I made in March.

I helped my eldest make an Easter bonnet for her Easter parade at school

2. a 3rd basket, this one was for my eldest daughter.


Jacob's romper
A premature romper for my nephew

In threes cardigan for my youngest

Chloe's girls
A couple of dresses I made for a friends daughters


seamless kimono
Seamless kimono for my eldest, unfortunately it's far too big atm.


Peg apronCake!
1. Peg apron for my friends Birthday
2. Cake (made jointly with my friend Mel) for a friends Birthday

Craft apron
Craft apron, made for my eldest daughters little friend

Appliqu├ęd onto a top for my cousin


1. Shorts for a swap I took part in
2. Shorts for my youngest

2. 2nd pair of shorts for the same swap as above

P1040598Top for Rheya
1. Some more handmade buttons from smiggles that I put on the other cardigan I made
2. A top I made my eldest

Bean bagsBean bags
Beanbags I made for a friends daughter


Rainbow WIPEloise cardigan
1. I started a rainbow ripple blanket
2. Eloise cardigan for my youngest, unfortunately too small :(

Dino for a friends little boy


1. Eloise cardigan for my eldest

Jiji the catP1060209

1. Knitting bag ornament for my Christmas tree
2. Gingerbread man costume for my eldest
3. Jiji the cat for my daughters teacher
4. Skeleton bride (missing a veil) for halloween

Apple cozyP1060391
1. Apple cozy for a teacher
2. Homemade crackers for halloween

Project bag
project bag for meeeeee


P1060531Pleated Skirt
1. Cake for my husband
2. Irish hiking scarf
3. Rainbow crayons
4. Pleated skirt for my eldest

Totoro hatP1060574
Project bagSuperhero kit
1. Totoro hat for my eldest
2. Sailor outfit for my friends daughter
3. Project bag for my Nanna
4. Cape and mask for my friends son

Rainbow bunting
Bunting for my daughters rainbow party

12 days of Christmas for my daughters teachers

Dino for my youngest

Rainbow partyChristmas Stocking
1. Rainbow cake for my daughters Birthday
2. Mini stocking for my Christmas tree


Rainbow Party
The ultimate Rainbow Party

Apple coastersP1070818
1. Apple coasters for a teacher
2. Mug Cozy for a teacher

Christmas cake
My very first attempt at Christmas cake

Christmas placemats
Christmas placemats

and what you've all been waiting for....

my finished items for today. A rainbow shawl/scarf.
Boxing Day

The pattern is called The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief 
Boxing Day

Boxing Day

and I finished the Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers just in time for my trip out tomorrow :D

Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers

Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers

Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers

Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers

I hope you've enjoyed my journey down memory lane. I
For 2012 I'm going to try to use up all my stashes instead of filling my house with even more fabric/yarn/notions

For more finished items, head to Tami's Amis

Also taking part in Fiber Friday


  1. Love all your projects they are just gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have had a busy year. Love seeing all your makes. It inspires me to learn more crafts!

    We loved the longies you made for Jake. He's just outgrown them, so they're moving on to a new owner. But now I want some Storm to make some more!!

  3. It's amazing when we look back and see all of the projects we've made in one year. Great work.

  4. Ok, that was an amazing craft journey. I found each month full of inspiration to start my New Year off with. Love, love, love the rainbow shawl too. Great stuff!

  5. WOW. havent you been busy. All topped off with an amazing scarf and fab gloves.
    Well done one so many amazing projects.

  6. Wat a great idea to look back. Pretty amazing (and tiring) to think about all those things.

  7. Wow, that's quite a year! So much goodness. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  8. Fabulous post with so many lovely projects!

    Love your Age of Brass and Steam and the arm warmers are a joy in that yarn!

    Have a wonderful new year!

  9. Oh my gosh - love ALL your projects!

  10. What a creative and productive year!
    I wish you and yours a Happy New Year :0)

  11. Wow - you are amazing to have posted everything so organized like that! Love the rainbow shawl - very "happy" colors! The arm warmers look great too!! Happy New Year!

  12. Your Year in Projects is a rainbow of complete and utter amazement. <3 And that may be my favourite Age of Brass and Steam kerchief that I've ever seen on the wide world of the internet, the rainbow colours are so unexpected and fantastic!

  13. Wherever do you find the time? I'm extremely impressed and more than a little bit in awe :-D Also, I can't believe you've finished your rainbow kercheif already - it looks lovely.

  14. @ Helen - I craft as soon as the kids go to bed, so I basically have at least a couple of hours each night. The rainbow kerchief was done quickly because Daniel was off work and let me have some time to knit, I was also taking it out with me when we visited people, it was a really easy pattern so I could cat and knit at the same time.