Monday, 23 April 2012

Colour lovers: 3KCBWDAY1

I love colour. Anyone that reads my blog, will know I have a thing for rainbows. Something about all those lovely colours together really lift my spirits, and they feature heavily in my projects.

P1060487P1060531P1060539Rainbow buntingKnitting and Stitch ShowP1070456Rainbow partyRainbow partyRainbow partyRainbow PartyP1080046Boxing Day

Would you believe that, before I had children, I actively avoided anything bright and cheerful? I was all about browns, black, greys, anything mute really. Even the nursery I planned for Rheya (my first daughter) was beige despite knowing I was expecting a girl.


Once she was born something switched, I suddenly fell in love with colour...yes ALL colours, there isn't a colour out there that I don't like. I can't quite put my finger on why my tastes changed, maybe it was seeing my daughter's eyes light up when something colourful was within her reach, maybe it was finally being exposed to combinations of colour that were appealing through connections with work at home Mums (who made the most beautiful handmade clothing and cloth nappies). Whatever it was, I'm so pleased it happened.

After having children there is a distinct injection of colour into my Flickr account.
DSCF8633Capris's for Bump#2BootiesDSCF25641st Sassy dress seek peekP1010343P1010963Bean bags

I do have a soft spot for the pink/orange and pink/green combination, and when it comes to my clothing, it's still dominated by dark items, but I hope to remedy that over time. 

It's funny that I should wait until adulthood to appreciate colour. As a child my family would often make comments on my dark wardrobe and in a way I think it had an effect on my mood. They say colour and mood are related, maybe there is some truth to that. I'm definitely happier now than I was as a child (not to say I wasn't happy as a child, I'm just happier now) Having children definitely played a part in that (and my husband of course). But which came first, the happiness or the colour? Did the introduction of colour into my life lift my spirits, or did my elevated mood draw me to colour? Who knows, but it's there and it's staying. 


  1. I love pink and orange together too - something so unreservedly happy about it!

    I love all your rainbow pictures :)

    1. ps, I replied to your comment on my blog over there ;)

  2. I love pink and orange together too! And rainbows and bright colors. The brighter, the better!

  3. I love your colour journey -- pink and orange really is a great colour combination.

  4. Your colour post is amazing, I really like how people's love of colour changes as they go through life.

  5. Those rainbow projects are so amazing! I love the colors you have picked out!

  6. I also started appreciating more colors after my child was born. I used to stay away from orange, but he looks so cute in orange that I knit him lots of little goodies with it :-)

  7. I love all your rainbow photos - gorgeous! That's an interesting point about which came first - happiness or colour!

    Re your boob comment, could you email me (craftsfromthecwtch at gmail dot com) as I have a favour to ask you and I can't find your email address

  8. love the colour - Although I'd quite like my walls to be white instead of the beige dirt, handprints and colourful felt pens that they are.... I too am a colour nut these days. Kids eh?!